How does one become a member?

At Calvary Solid Ground we realize that anyone who has put their faith and trust in Jesus is a member of the body of Christ. We also believe there is some worth in being a member of a local body. To accomplish this we have made it fairly easy as explained below.

Step One

Attend our church for three months. We are not looking for exactly every Sunday but enough to get to know us. We believe after three months of meeting the other members and hearing the teaching you should know if this will make a good home for you.

Step Two

How did you come to know the Lord? Whatever your story is we would love to have you share it. Not in front of everyone but to one of our other members or a pastor or elder. Believers come in all different sizes and colors and we know that not one story is the same as the other.

Step Three

Read and agree to our By-Laws, Statement of Faith, and Membership Handbook. You can get these from an Elder or a Pastor during any one of our services. You will then be asked to fill out and sign our Membership Agreement.

Just in case...

Membership is not required to participate in any of our church functions. We are offering this to you as a way to be protected legally. Please feel to ask us any questions and take all the time you need.
One more note, if you have been part of a church that had a very legalistic form of membership and has either left you hurt or scared please know that we do not and will not ever allow that to be part of Calvary Solid Ground and its members. I would love to sit down with you and help you work through that - Pastor Jed
Please Fill out the contact form if you have any questions on membership